30-Day Squat Challenge

I am about to embark on a 30-Day Squat Challenge. It might be a bit ambitious, given that three months ago I couldn't climb a flight of stairs without having to sit down half-way...

Long story short, I got sick in January – kidney trouble – and ended up inadvertently doing the Master Cleanse (+ opiates). For a week, the only thing that passed my lips was lemon water. I lost 10lbs instantly and was as weak as a kitten. The nephrologist put me on bed rest and forbade me from doing any exercise. I could only watch as my muscles wasted away.

In May, with my doctor's permission, I started doing a few simple yoga poses. It's taken months of gentle, consistent practice to regain flexibility, particularly in my back, but I can do almost every position I could do before I got sick. While my body is in better shape it's still very slender, and now that I'm feeling stronger I'm ready to work a little harder.

I could pretend that I chose this particular work-out regime because it'll strengthen my core, improve my overall fitness, make my muscles work more efficiently, regulate my glucose and lipid metabolism, but really I just want the lower half of my body to be as it once was – shapely, toned, Kardashian-esque – the rest will merely be a glorious bonus.

3,295 squats is a lot. I intend to take each day as it comes, listen to my body, and not push myself too hard. I'll post updates every Friday. Wish me luck.