NB: Amanda Chantal Bacon

Founded in LA in 2012, Moon Juice's organic cold-pressed juices and nut milks quickly acquired a cult following. As the company has grown – there are now locations in Venice, Silverlake and at the Ace Hotel Downtown – so has the menu, which includes tonics, ferments, sweets and savouries. (Don't live in California? Their online store ships non-perishable items internationally.)

Moon Juice's founder and CEO, Amanda Chantal Bacon, kindly agreed to share her favourite beauty secrets.

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"I choose to use natural beauty products because I believe that true and lasting beauty comes from your body being a sustainable, healthy ecosystem. There is no magic pill, cream or quick fix to target imbalances in the body, diet, emotional wellbeing or to counteract lifestyle choices. I am all about a skincare regime that is enhanced with natural and nourishing beauty products."

1. Moon Juice Elixirs | From $4 | moonjuiceshop.com
2. Moon Juice Beauty Dust | $65 | moonjuiceshop.com
3. Pratima Pitta Herbal Cleanser | $20 | pratimaskincare.com
4. Raw Health Coconut Oil | From £3 | rawhealth.uk.com
5. Annmarie Gianni Ayuvedic Facial Scrub | $30 | annmariegianni.com
6. Odacité Wild Carrot Serum | $62 | odacite.com
7. Kejiwa Rose Mist | $25 | moonjuiceshop.com

My beauty routine starts with raw organic green juice, and includes eating cultured foods, mineral dense raw foods, good healthy raw fats, and includes ayurvedic face scrubs, rose water spray, and wild carrot seed oil. 

I am actually collaborating with Odacité to basically curate a small package that includes all of my favorites, it will be called Clair de Lune. There will be a face spray of organic aloe and rose, as well as a luxurious product that incorporates wild carrot seed, papaya and peach.

I also love Pratima Pitta face wash. It is a gentle exfoliator that also balances the dosha. My other favorite beauty product is good old fashion raw coconut oil. I use it for oil pulling, as a moisturizer, I use it in my hair, and I definitely put it on my toast!