Apivita Lip Care

I rarely wear make-up, and when I do I don't like the way lipstick catches in my throat, or how you have to check every five minutes to make sure it isn't all over your teeth or smudged halfway across your cheek. But it's sometimes desirable to add just a little colour to your lips, which this tinted lip balm does nicely.

© Helen Pockett

There are seven lip balms in the range – propolis, cocoa butter, chamomile, pink rose, pomegranate, blackcurrant, honey. Pomegranate is by far my favourite.

It has a subtle, pleasant fragrance – floral and fruity, beeswax and olive oil; in short, it smells like summer – and leaves lips smooth and soft without feeling sticky. It can tend to wear off quite quickly – given that it's made from 98% natural ingredients, however, I have no qualms about reapplying it at intervals throughout the day.

4.4g | £4 | apivita.com