Apple, Cherry & Strawberry Juice

As I write this it is the height of summer. The long, warm spring has led to an extended cropping season and an abundance of soft fruit. Whether you grow your own, spent a couple of hours at a Pick-Your-Own, or couldn't resist a supermarket's 2-for-1 offer on punnets of perfectly ripe produce, the chances are you'll have too much. And it's far too hot to be baking pies...

Apple, cherry and strawberry juice is fresh and yet rich at the same time. It's very sweet, but not in a cloying or sickly way. No one flavour dominates – it's the perfect combination of all three fruits. And the aroma can only be described as intoxicating; it smells like a fine wine warmed by the Tuscan sun. For me, this juice will always be synonymous with summer.


5 Pink Lady Apples
200g Strawberries
150g Cherries

(Frozen fruit works just as well – it's widely available,
is already cold, and is nearly always cheaper than fresh.) 


1. Wash all the fruit.

2. Halve and core the apples, hull the strawberries, and pit the cherries.

3. Set the juicer to a slow speed and pass the strawberries and cherries through the machine.

4. Turn the machine to a high speed (changing the cutting blade beforehand, if necessary) and pass the apples through. Doing it this way will push any lingering strawberry and cherry juice into the jug.

5. A layer of foam will likely form above the juice – simply stir it in or skim it off the top.

This can be made with a blender: simply blend the ingredients in two batches to ensure it's properly combined, then strain through a sieve or a muslin bag. 

The juice is best enjoyed right away, but will keep for 1–2 days if refrigerated in an airtight container.

500ml | £3.50 | 15 mins.