Beond is a UK brand of organic plant-based sweet treats. They combine cashews, dates and date syrup with fruits, spices and superfood powders to create subtly- and naturally-flavoured snack bars. If you're familiar with date and nut energy bites these are like a next-level version; more affordable, infinitely more portable, and without any of the washing up.

Each bar is dairy-, gluten-, soy-, and refined sugar-free – ideal for those with allergies or who chose not to consume animal products – and counts as 1 of your 5 a day.

At present, the range contains six bars:

Sour Cherry
Baobab Pineapple

Apple Cinnamon
Raw Cacao

The bars are sweet without being cloying, and chewy without getting stuck in your teeth. The texture is almost fudge-like and the flavours are well balanced. As they are made with whole ingredients they are less likely to spike your blood sugar levels, but if you are particularly mindful about your sugar intake you might want to limit your consumption to just one a day as the sugar content of each bar is between 12.8–16.7g.

If all-natural snacks made by small, disruptive producers are going to gain any traction in a market saturated with cheap, heavily-marketed, government-subsidized alternatives, they have to be more than just healthy – they have to be delicious, too. Fortunately, these are. And they're a great place to start if you want to lean into making healthier food choices. 

Review samples kindly provided by Beond.