We all know that plastic bottles leach chemicals into drinking water, probably don't get recycled and then poison the water again when they get dumped in the ocean. But most reusable containers are impractical or flat out fugly. So what is a girl who wants to be environmentally conscious, chic, radiant and hydrated all at the same time to do? Well...

© Helen Pockett

bkr (pronounced 'beaker' – which seems obvious now but I've been walking around saying B-K-R like an fool for months) is the passion project of two friends from San Francisco, Tal Winter and Kate Cutler.

Free from BPA, PET and phthalates, each glass bottle is wrapped in a removable (and recyclable) silicone sleeve to protect it from knocks and make it easier to handle. New colours are released seasonally to reflect current trends. [Pictured is 'Winter'.]

© Helen Pockett

I love the practical, minimal design and how easy it is to keep clean – all the parts are dishwasher-safe, you don't even need to take off the silicone sleeve. The bottles are available in three sizes – 250ml, 500ml and 1 litre – and come in a multitude of colours. I dropped mine on a stone floor and it bounced but if you do happen to break the glass, replacements can be purchased through bkr's website, along with bottle brushes and trays to make custom ice cubes that will fit through the narrow, spill-free spout. Take it on the bus, to the gym or on a picnic and get ready for everyone to ask where they can get one.

500ml | $35 | mybkr.com
              | £25 | selfridges.com

Review sample kindly provided by BKR.