Carrot Apple Juice

The thing I love most about this juice is that you can take the cheapest, gnarliest carrots – the ones that hit a stone on the way down and split into two, the ones farmers deem too 'ugly' and dig back into the soil, the ones no-one else would buy – and transform them into something of so much value. (And I don't just mean nutritionally – have you ever bought a ready-made carrot juice? ££££)

It's sweet, ever so slightly earthy, filling and will give a subtle energy lift. Full of vitamins, minerals, and carotenoids, it's great for maintaining a healthy immune system, strong bones, glowing skin, shiny hair and is even reputed to have chemo-preventive effects.

I would strongly suggest using organic carrots – most of the nutrients are just under the skin and it seems a shame to throw all that away in a bag of peelings. It also cuts down on the prep time. Granny Smith apples are best, particularly if you're mindful about your sugar intake, but Pink Ladies work well (especially if you are less keen on the taste of carrots).

© Helen Pockett


1kg Carrot
250g Apple


Wash the ingredients. If using organic carrots, a quick scrub with a vegetable brush will do; if using non-organic carrots, it's best to top, tail and peel them. Pass the produce through the juicer on its highest speed setting. Stir to combine and enjoy!

Makes 700ml | 10 minutes

© Helen Pockett

© Helen Pockett