Celery Juice

There’s something vaguely childish about declaring one’s dislike for a certain food. But I really dislike celery. Lately, though, I’ve been seeing celery juice everywhere (by which I mean, on Instagram). They say that drinking 450ml a day on an empty stomach can ameliorate the symptoms of everything from arthritis and stomach issues to thyroid dysfunction. So, ever the masochist, I’ve been forcing myself to like it. And it’s really not as bad as I thought it would be.

It has a very soft mouth feel, with none of the harsh kick of a greens juice. I’ve been on a low-sodium diet for a few months and the overwhelming flavour was salt – sort of like when you accidentally gulp down a mouthful of seawater. The aftertaste takes a bit of getting used but can be overcome by eating a small piece of fruit. If you find it impossible to drink, lean in by mixing in some apple or cucumber juice, reducing the amount of added juice over time. Better that than trying it once, deciding you hate it and never drinking it again. Whatever works, right?

 Celery Juice | © Helen Pockett

Celery Juice | © Helen Pockett


550g Organic Celery


Slice the stalks from the bulb, discarding the yellow leaves in the centre. Wash thoroughly under running cold water to remove soil. Pass the stalks through a juicer on a slow speed. Run the pulp through the juicer again. Sip slowly and wait for 15–20 minutes before eating.

450ml | 1 Serving | 10 Minutes