Crossroads | Tal Ronnen

Crossroads is the first book from the team behind the acclaimed Los Angeles restaurant of the same name.

Chefs Tal Ronnen, Scot Jones and Serafina Magnussen have created a collection of 125 plant-based recipes, each inspired by Mediterranean tradition.

Divided into nine chapters – Snacks + Spreads, Salads, Flatbreads, Soups, Small Plates, Pasta, Desserts, Cocktails, Basics – Crossroads is unlike any other vegan cookbook I've ever seen. Ronnen et al have mixed the comfortingly familiar – Tortellini + Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Ricotta (p.195), Summer Berry Galette (p.229) – with the unashamedly elegant – Artichoke Oysters + Tomato Béarnaise and Kelp Caviar (p.131), Roasted Fennel + Clementine Beurre Blanc and Toasted Buckwheat (p.147). Yet never do the dishes seem pretentious.

The methods are lengthy but easy to follow, with measurements given in pounds, ounces, spoons and cups. It's worth noting that about a quarter of the recipes contain ingredients that can't be sourced outside of the USA. 

Perhaps there are equivalents, but UK residents in particular will struggle to find products that are comparable in quality to those available in America (e.g. Gardein meat alternatives, Earth Balance butter, Kite Hill cheese, and some fruits and vegetables). In most instances the quantities used are so negligible that you could get away with forgoing it entirely, but some of the recipes will be impossible to faithfully replicate.

That is but a minor complaint. Everything about this book, from the tightly edited text to the beautiful illustrations, is exemplary. It is peerless and has a set a new standard for all future recipe books, one that very few will be able to meet.

304 pages | 120 mins |

Review copy kindly provided by Artisan Books.



If you keep good
food in your fridge, you
will eat good food.
— Errick McAdams