Eat Pretty

Eat Pretty: Nutrition for Beauty, Inside and Out is the first book from beauty editor and certified holistic health coach Jolene Hart.

I don't know about you but I hold in my head a list of foods that I know will make my skin flare up. And it's not just the obvious ones (looking at you, potato chips); chocolate, cheese and tomato seeds are the worst offenders. In her book, Jolene calls these foods 'beauty betrayers'.

It stands to reason, though, that if certain foods can make you break out, others can make your skin glow. It's on these that the focus lays in Eat Pretty

With an emphasis on mindful, seasonal eating, Jolene guides readers through the labyrinthine supermarket aisles, concisely explaining the benefits and effects of each ingredient. You want stronger hair and nails? Add some chard to your smoothie. If it's smoother skin you're after, eat a handful of apricots. You want to maintain your skin's elasticity and stop wrinkle formation? Blueberries and garlic (maybe not at the same time...)

The ramifications of consistently eating a nutrient-depleted diet are far wider reaching than just a few spots and dark circles under your eyes, however. In an accessible, non-preachy way, Jolene deftly examines how dysfunctional digestion, hormonal imbalance and stress all play a part in undermining one's best efforts by accelerating ageing and damaging the body at a cellular level. The book contains real world advice on how to counteract these effects, alongside thoughtful recipes and an exhaustive list of everything you'll need to fill your kitchen with healthy, beautifying foods. A must-read.

208 pages | 300 minutes |

Review copy kindly provided by Chronicle Books.



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