Eat Pretty Every Day

Eat Pretty Every Day is the third book from beauty editor and certified holistic health coach Jolene Hart.

Diverging from the format of her previous books, Jolene has taken the dense subject of nutrition and broken it down into 366 concise pieces of accessible and actionable advice interspersed with self-care tips and motivational mantras.

Rather brilliantly the book does not follow the traditional calendar so it doesn't matter if you live in Newfoundland or New Zealand, the seasonal content will still be relevant and useful. It does mean, however, that you'll need to keep track of the days somehow, either with a book mark or by making a note alongside the entries, lest you get lost.

The task of dropping reinforced rituals and routines in favour of healthier habits could be a little daunting, but integrating new behaviours gradually and with almost no effort required is infinitely more manageable and likely to be more successful over time. Whether recommending the consumption of skin-protecting grapefruits on hot summer days or cold-fighting foods in the depths of winter, Jolene's authoritative but non-preachy and non-judgemental guidance makes it feel as though you have a dedicated wellness coach by your side the whole year through.

356 pages | 120 mins |

Review copy kindly provided by Chronicle Books.