NB: Jolene Hart

Jolene Hart is a beauty editor and holistic health coach whose first book, Eat Pretty: Nutrition for Beauty, Inside & Out, has garnered rave reviews for its pertinent but practical approach to modern skincare. 

Jolene kindly agreed to share her favourite natural beauty and well-being products.

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"I'd always felt that my skin was a reflection of my health, and I considered myself a
healthy girl (vegetarian, active, interested in wellness). But I didn't yet understand the
connection between my meals, my actions, my emotions, my lifestyle and my looks
until I started exploring nutrition and its connection to beauty."

Jolene Hart

1. Dr. Hauschka Soothing Cleansing Milk
£24.50 | naturisimo.com

This ultra-gentle cleanser just makes my skin happy and its creamy formula is wonderful for removing make-up. 

2. EO Natural Bath Salt Soaks
$13 | eoproducts.com

I love taking a bath before bed, especially after a draining day. The pink Himalayan salt, sea salt and essential oils in these blends are packed with beauty benefits.

3. RMS Beauty "Un"Cover-up
£28 | beingcontent.com

I've never found a better cover for under-eye circles; the coconut oil and cocoa butter base helps it apply like a second skin. I reach for it on days when my 1-year-old decides to wake me up at 5am.

4. Tata Harper Aromatic Stress Treatment
£64 | beingcontent.com

I've been wearing this essential oil blend for years and it's ability to instantly turn on the relaxation reflex in my body still amazes me. I am obsessed with the scent!

5. OMG, I Can Meditate! App
Free | omgmeditate.com

There are so many ways to meditate with this app – wake-up and bedtime meditations, guided and silent options, meditations on happiness, relationships, spirituality – that I never get bored. I'm always excited to settle in for a session and the beauty benefits of lower stress levels are powerful.

6. Ball 'Perfect Mason' Blue Jars
$25 | amazon.com

I've always been obsessed with blue glass – I find it so soothing – and so I love drinking smoothies and water out of these lovely vintage blue mason jars. It's the little things...

7. Vitamix
£650 | selfridges.com

The super-powered blender was a major investment but nothing in my kitchen gets more consistent use, year after year. I make everything from daily smoothies to nut butter to baby food to cashew 'cheesecake' in it.

8. Microplane Grater
$16.95 | microplane.com

I steep fresh ginger and turmeric root in my morning warm lemon water. This super-fine grater really streamlines the process, making it easier for me to get those anti-inflammatory benefits.