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The thing I like most about May Lindstrom's products is the way they encourage you to take time for yourself. Self-care can often feel like a chore – just another thing you're supposed to fit into your day – and countless are the times I've unloaded the dishwasher or vacuumed the house wearing a face mask in the evening. But there's something about May's creations that makes you want to carve out the time to do it right.

May Lindstrom: The Honey Mud | © Helen Pockett

Made from a blend of raw honey, halloysite clay, colloidal silver and cacao, the cleansing silk is infused with cold-pressed essential oils, each one chosen to heal, restore and protect delicate skin. The ingredients are organic and/or wild-harvested. [While The Honey Mud is not strictly vegan-friendly, May assures me that the honey is locally and sustainably sourced, with the bees left plenty of their own honey to see them through the colder months.] The formula is suitable for all skin types, and works very well to balance my combination skin.

May Lindstrom: The Honey Mud | © Helen Pockett

The Honey Mud doubles as an everyday cleanser – it will remove light make-up – and a mask. My favourite way to use it, as per May's instructions, is to slather myself in Honey Mud from forehead to breasts and sink into a hot bath for 30 minutes. I massage it into my skin to emulsify it a little and remove the excess with a muslin cloth. Then I move through the rest of my routine as usual. It leaves my face and neck clean, soft, hydrated and ever so slightly plumper. The 100ml jar will yield about 40 cleanses or 20 masks. I highly recommend it.

100ml | $80 |

Review sample kindly provided by May Lindstrom.



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