Mildreds | The Cookbook

Mildreds: The Cookbook is the first book from the chefs at Mildreds, an independent chain of vegetarian restaurants with locations across London. Daniel Acevedo and Sarah Wasserman have developed a collection of recipes that can be easily recreated while staying true to the founders'  ethos of delicious, affordable, ethical food that is sophisticated but unpretentious.

 Mildreds: The Cookbook | © Helen Pockett

Mildreds: The Cookbook | © Helen Pockett

Divided into seven chapters – Soups, Starters, Salads, Mains, Sides, Desserts, Sauces & Dressings –the recipes are clearly marked to denote whether (or not) they are gluten-free or suitable for vegans. (Many could be adapted by substituting an ingredient with an appropriate alternative.)

While the book contains all the usual dishes – hummus, guacamole, gazpacho, bean burgers, aubergine moussaka etc. – it's worth remembering that when Mildreds first opened in the '80s it upended expectations of vegetarian food. And there are some more imaginative offerings – mee goreng, roast pepper and black olive lahmacuns, pumpkin and potato pampushki. As always with books written by professional chefs, though, the value lies in the techniques it imparts and the seemingly simple recipes – the flavoured oils, dips and dressings, things you can incorporate into other recipes.

I'd recommend this book to people who love the food at Mildreds but don't live close enough to go often ... or those who do but can't bear the wait for a table.

256 pages | 60 minutes |

Review copy kindly provided by Octopus.