Nathalie Bond: Rose Geranium Lip Salve

When it comes to choosing lip products it's important to be especially mindful of the ingredients, because however careful you are when you're applying it or sipping water or eating a sugar-coated doughnut, you're going to end up ingesting some of it. I only use organic ones, produced by companies I trust.

© Helen Pockett

Nathalie Bond's Rose Geranium Lip Salve is made from a blend of cold-pressed oils and plant extracts, each one chosen for its innate healing properties: cocoa butter to nourish, hydrate and protect; cold-pressed castor oil to lock in moisture; and steam-distilled essential oil to balance the nervous system and regulate hormones. [Vegans should note that this product contains beeswax.]

© Helen Pockett

This has been my go-to lip treatment over the winter. It leaves my lips silky smooth, I love the smell, it's affordable, the little tin is super cute and it can double as a skin balm in a pinch. It also wears very well – one application will last about two/three hours.

10ml | £5 |

Review sample kindly provided by Nathalie Bond Organics.