Neom: Pillow Mist

The benefits of a good night's sleep can't be overstated – eight hours of rest can lift your mood, improve the appearance of your skin, increase productivity and (depending on which study you read) make you live longer. A few simple practices can induce deep sleep – eating early, no electronic devices after 8pm, a warm bath, really good sex – but creating a serene environment in the bedroom is by far the most important. 

I've been using Neom's pillow mist for a few weeks now and my response to the subtle scent of lavender, chamomile and jasmine has become almost Pavlovian. I spritz a little on the pillow, take a few deep breaths and before I know it I'm waking up totally refreshed with hair that smells gorgeous.

Formulated with Neom's signature Tranquility fragrance, the scent is fresh and floral but there is a hint of musk – like a very good, very expensive perfume. Owing to the high alcohol content, it does have a tendency to catch in the back of the throat but, crucially, it does not contain Diazolidinyl Urea, a known formaldehyde releaser often found in other pillow sprays (including the universally beloved This Works Deep Sleep...)

The frosted glass packaging is very pretty and the high-quality stainless steel atomiser generates a very fine mist so no drops of the concentrated liquid are left on your pillow. One or two spritzes are sufficient, meaning the 30ml bottle should last for months.

30ml | £20 |

Review sample kindly provided by Neom Organics.