When Amber Locke started posting eye-catching fruit and vegetable flat lays under the handle @RawVeganBlonde it wasn't long before her work was sought out for use in editorials and advertising campaigns.

A very public endorsement from chef Jamie Oliver and 100,000 Instagram followers later, Amber is set to release her first book, Nourish, a collection of 100 recipes, with tips and tricks to create salads for all seasons.

I'm guilty – as I'm sure many are – of allowing myself to fall into a bit of a rut, salad-wise: lettuce, tomato, cucumber, maybe some rocket or avocado if you're lucky. And although I know the right ratios, my dressings usually turn out slightly too oily or too sharp or too vinegar-y. But those days are over.

© Amber Locke

Rocket and Radish Salad
with Spirulina Dressing (pp.97, 135).

© Amber Locke

Pepper Salad with Crushed
Tomato & Orange Salsa (pp.101).

Nourish covers everything one would ever need know about assembling delicious, healthy and beautiful salads – from preparation to flavour combination to presentation. It is, of course, lavishly illustrated but the photos are not overly stylised which lets the produce shine. The text is concise, the methods are easy to follow and most of the ingredients can be sourced at a supermarket.

Unless you have a particularly well-equipped kitchen, you may need to invest in a few tools to do it right. [I always wondered how Amber made those extraordinary shapes; it's with a peeler that looks like an over-sized pencil sharpener.] And they do take longer to assemble than their simpler counterparts. But for those willing to put in a little time, effort and patience, a summer of sensational salads awaits.

144 pages | 60 mins |

Review copy kindly provided by Mitchell Beazley.