Pip & Nut

Pip & Nut is a London-based functional food brand. Founded in 2013 by Pippa Murray, the company produces finely-ground nut butters without the use of palm oil or refined sweeteners. By flavouring the butters with natural ingredients like sea salt, coconut, honey and cinnamon, the complex but subtle flavours are allowed to shine through.

At present there are five butters in the range – Almond, Almond + Coconut, Cashew, Cashew + Cinnamon, and Peanut – with limited edition varieties released periodically. Packed with plant-based protein and bioavailable micronutrients, the butters are perfect for spreading on bread, stirring into a smoothie, or eating by the spoonful straight from the jar stood in your kitchen (which may or may not be how I eat it...)

Pip & Nut | © Helen Pockett

If forced to be objective about a brand I love so much, I'd say that in an ideal world the ingredients would be organic and the jars would be made of glass, but that would make them prohibitively expensive. Currently the jars retail at around £3.99 and the squeeze packs – which are ideal for stashing in your car or gym bag – are £3.49 for a pack of four. I eat three tablespoons a day, so one jar lasts about a week. If you haven't tried Pip & Nut's products before, start with the Almond + Coconut – it'll change your life.

Jars: 250g | Sachets: 30g | pipandnut.com



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