Pukka Herbal Tea Blend

'This is an energising tea to get you going in the morning or when you need a little boost. The fragrant spices provide herbal oomph, making this a great tea for sluggish mornings.' –Sebastian Pole

Pukka Herbal Tea Blend | © Kim Lightbody


3g Star Anise
This Celestial-looking spice is wonderfully aromatic and has a unique sweet
aniseed flavour. It awakens your senses and reminds you how delicious life can be.

2g Cinnamon Bark
A favourite of early explorers seeking its therapeutic benefits, this
fragrant bark warms digestion and increases circulation. It is very good for
clearing a stuffy feeling in the chest after the torpor of the night.

2g Spearmint Leaf
Mildly warming to digestion, spearmint helps to clear any
heaviness or listlessness and helps to lift your spirit.

1g Green Tea
Green tea contains small amounts of caffeine that can help stimulate.
It is also mildly bitter and astringent, helping to rid feelings of lethargy.

1g Ginger Root Powder
This spicy wonder root is great for balancing a heavy kapha feeling and is a real energiser.

1g Licorice Root
An active adrenal tonic, liquorice's sweet root nourishes your energy levels.


Put all the ingredients in a pot.
Add 500ml of freshly boiled filtered water.
Leave to steep for 10–15 minutes.
Strain and serve.

Makes 2–3 cups | 20 mins

Recipe kindly contributed by Sebastian Pole, from his book Cleanse, Nurture, Restore with Herbal Tea.



Tea is the
elixir of life.