Pursoma: Minerals De Mer

Minerals De Mer is arguably Pursoma's signature soak. An all-natural, vegan-friendly blend of French grey sea salt, wild-harvested seaweed and sustainably-farmed spirulina extract, it promises to detoxify, balance and remineralise.

When you first open the 4oz packet, it smells unmistakably of the ocean. Fresh, almost metallic, with the classic spirulina scent. The sea salt dissolves quickly in half a bathtub of warm water, leaving flakes of seaweed and spirulina floating on the surface (see below).

I dutifully followed the instructions provided – drink 8oz of water, immerse body for 15–20 minutes in warm water, relax, don't rinse (as the algae continues to work for 12 hours post-bath), wrap self in towel and lay under warm blanket for 20–30 minutes – and then proceeded to have the best night's sleep I've had in as long as I can remember. When I woke up the next morning, my skin was impossibly soft and, much to my relief, I did not smell at all pond-like.

This would be particularly good for those with skin complaints like eczema or psoriasis as it doesn't contain any skin-irritating ingredients. Or for those who just like a really luxe bath... I can't recommend it enough.  

113g | $14 | pursomalife.com

Review sample kindly provided by Pursoma.