REN: Wake Wonderful Night-Time Facial

If you've ever fallen asleep still wearing a clay mask, you'll know why it's not a good idea to do so. Maybe I'm alone in this but sometimes, particularly after a long day, I just don't want to wait 20–40 minutes for a mask to dry, wash it off, then do all the other rigamarole; it makes the whole thing feel more like a chore than an indulgence. On those nights, I reach for a leave-on treatment. 

© Helen Pockett

REN's new Wake Wonderful Night-Time Facial works while you sleep to exfoliate, massage and hydrate your skin (a lazy girl's dream...) It's somewhere between a serum and a night cream, with an almost gel-like consistency. AHAs, lactic and glycolic acids repair uneven texture, support natural cell turnover and reduce the appearance of pigmentation while glycogen, magnesium and omega oils energise, revitalise and heal. Lastly, sodium lactate raises the skin's pH, attracting water to the surface to plump and hydrate.

As the mask contains so many active ingredients, REN recommend a sensitivity patch test before use. I applied a small amount behind my ear in the afternoon and saw no reaction. But when I put it on my face in the evening it tingled to the point where I thought I might have to remove it. However, the being-stabbed-with-a-thousand-tiny-needles feeling subsided after about a minute and didn't enflame my skin or cause any redness. 

© Helen Pockett

It's best used after cleansing and toning. Although the directions say you can then add a moisturiser, I don't tend to – it's hydrating enough alone. I'm loathe to use terms like 'dewy' and 'glowing' but really no other words describe how my skin looks upon waking. The (very minor) scarring on my cheek is less visible and the skin around my eyes is noticeably brighter. If you don't have especially sensitive skin, I'd definitely recommend giving it a try.

[Edit: Since using it regularly, I've been asked twice if I've had botox. So there's that...] 

40ml | £32 |

Review sample kindly provided by REN Skincare.