Savage Salads

Savage Salads is the first book from chefs Davide Del Gatto and Kristina Gustafsson.

Since 2012 Davide and Kristina have been serving up freshly-made flexitarian lunch boxes at their perennially popular stall on Broadwick Street. (That line of people that snakes around the corner of the market every is to here that it leads.)

The book is a collection of fifty salad recipes divided into four chapters – Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter – and twenty dressings and dips, with options for omnivores, vegans and vegetarians.

© Kim Lightbody

© Kim Lightbody

While I don't eat meat, I do eat fish and dairy occasionally and I really like the authors' 80:20 approach, the way in which they've put the emphasis very much on the veggies. If you're a little stricter than I am, the meat/fish recipes could be easily tweaked to make them entirely plant-based, simply by leaving out or substituting a few ingredients. 

Full-size photos run alongside easy-to-follow methods, with measurements given in grams, ounces, spoons and cups. Novice cooks might find a few of the recipes a little daunting and some of them do take quite a bit of preparation and patience. But like those hungry souls who stand in line for half an hour in the rain well know, a Savage Salad is worth the wait. 

192 pages | 60 mins |

Review copy kindly provided by Frances Lincoln.