Skin & Tonic: Naked Lip Balm

I love using coconut oil on my lips but toting around a massive jar in my purse all day is not exactly practical. So imagine my delight when I learned that there's a company in London making handbag-sized tubes of all-natural coconut oil lip balm!

© Helen Pockett

Skin & Tonic's Naked Lip Balm is made from just three organic ingredients – coconut oil, shea butter and beeswax. There are two others in the range, flavoured with lemon and peppermint respectively. [Vegans should note that all three contain beeswax.] Purists might balk at the packaging, but I think the plastic dispenser is a tolerable compromise – it's lightweight and infinitely more hygienic than a pot into which you would place your fingers.

© Helen Pockett

The balm has a pleasant coconut-y smell and taste. Its formula is well balanced; not greasy, gritty or sticky. One application lasts about two hours and leaves lips soft and smooth. It can also double as a skin balm in a pinch. A winter must-have.

4.3g | £3.50 |

Review sample kindly provided by Skin & Tonic.