Superfoodio: Artisan Snacks Box

Superfoodio is a London-based superfood subscription service. Each month, the company curates two boxes – Classic and Mini – filled with sample- and full-sized snacks, supplements, nut butters, drinks and various other fine foods. Everything is dairy- and gluten-free and recipe cards are included for inspiration. It's a ideal way to try out new healthy products without committing to a whole pack. But if you can't wait for the first of the month, they have created a box of artisan snacks to see you through.

Always available, even without a subscription, the box contains:

Nibblers: A mix of antioxidant-rich cacao nibs and protein-packed cashews.
Power Bites: Date-free mini energy bars flavoured with matcha, cacao and berries.
Savoury Granola: A crunchy blend of sweet potato, apple, nuts and seeds. 
Seeded Crackers: Full of Omega 3s thanks to the chia seeds, these have a peppery kick.

Superfoodio | © Helen Pockett 

Perhaps I shouldn't admit this but I tore through the box in about an hour at my desk. The snacks might look a little worthy to your colleagues who are tucking into a Danish pastry at 3pm but you can feel smug later in the afternoon when you're still full of energy and they are falling asleep at their computer. It would also make a great gift for skeptical friends; a way to show that healthy doesn't have to mean tasteless and boring.

150g | £12.99 |