Superfoods Superfast

Superfoods Superfast is the third book from food writer Julie Montagu.

Set out over seven chapters – Sunrise, Snacks, Salads, Soups, Square Meals, Suppers, Sweets – Julie's latest work is a collection of nutrient-dense, plant-based recipes that can be made in twenty minutes or less.

The food is very much of the moment – think Amaranth, Olive and Fig Salad, Curried Chickpeas with Cauliflower Rice, Matcha Chia Protein Squares – and the tone is friendly yet informative, with almost all of the dishes accompanied by a photo.

Avocado Gazpacho | © Yuki Sugiura

 Coconut Quinoa Curry | © Yuki Sugiura

Coconut Quinoa Curry | © Yuki Sugiura

Perhaps because the recipes have been developed to ensure efficiency there is nothing particularly sophisticated to be found. What this means, however, is that each dish is accessible to every skill level, ingredients can be easily sourced and only basic kitchen equipment is required. 

My feeling is that this is a book for those who already eat a predominantly plant-based diet – Tofu Kale Scramble isn't going to convert anyone... – but I really like how Julie shows that meals made with fresh plants and superfood ingredients can be unfussy, and that even the busiest people can still eat well.

176 pages | 60 mins |

Review copy kindly provided by Quadrille.