Tata Harper: Nourishing Oil Cleanser

By now everyone knows why it's not as counterintuitive as it seems to use oil on your face, and that while oil-free cleansers do a good job of removing make-up, dirt and excess sebum, they take the natural oils with it and disturb the skin's pH, prompting the body to produce more oil, which in turn causes more break-outs. So there's no need to go over all that again. Tata Harper's Nourishing Oil Cleanser is the only cleansing oil I've used that works on my combination skin, the one I find myself returning to again and again. 

© Helen Pockett

Made from a blend of cold-pressed oils, botanical extracts and Tata Harper's signature Beauty Complex, it binds to surface impurities and pulls them away from the skin without clogging pores. The antibacterial qualities inherent in the ingredients prevent future breakouts and nutrients are returned to the skin so it doesn't feel stripped or tight.

© Helen Pockett

Natural make-up, particularly mascara, can be harder to remove than its synthetic counterparts. As part of my evening routine, I soak a cotton pad with the oil, press it to each (closed) eye for twenty seconds and then massage more into the rest of my face with my fingertips. It doesn't sting my eyes or catch in my throat and really does remove every last trace of make-up. I gently remove it with a warm, wrung-out muslin cloth. My skin feels squeaky clean, not at all greasy, and drinks in serum afterwards. With daily use, the 4oz bottle should last two months.

125ml | $64 | tataharperskincare.com

Review sample kindly provided by Tata Harper.